Description of EEG performance
The EEG records changes in electrical potential from neuronal cortical activity.

EEG testing usually consists of the following stages:
• The patient is asked to be placed on a folding chair or bed.
• The technician performs a head measurement and wears a EEG cap of the right size
• A special conductive paste is pressed at the electrode site
• At the start of the procedure, the electrical impulses from the brain are recorded by the computer in the form of a graph.
• Patients may be asked to perform certain activities such as eye closure, deep breathing or looking at the pacemaker (flashing light or picture).
• After the test, the technician will remove the EEG cap from the patient's head.
• In difficult children (e.g. autistic), we may experience intense child resistance, but after some time the child is tired and falls asleep. Our team consists of two people. The second person in this kind of situation can be helpful

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